What A Ride!

Forget the beat up old Chevy and Route 66—Canadian country rocker Larry Berrio's new song is a road trip anthem dedicated to riding sleds, quads, dirt bikes, and boats in the powersports playground that is Ontario.

Some of my fans may know I’ve spent the past year embracing my love of power sports by exploring Ontario on a tonne of incredible new machines. Or you may just know me as the crazy guy who played a concert “in” Sudbury’s Lake Wanapitei. I can tell you it’s a real honour to be part of that tradition of making Canadian music. And I’m so grateful to be making music about the province I love—my home

We’re blessed to have some famous artists that have put my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario on the map—everyone from Stompin’ Tom Connors to CANO to Kate Maki. But over this past year I realized we don’t have a rockin’ song that promotes the kind of sports that are enjoyed by millions (and generate billions) here in Ontario. It’s not hockey (although that would be a good guess). It’s the sports I’m most passionate about. The ones I wanted to tell the world about. So, get ready Ontario, for my new single, "What a Ride.” An ode to power sports. It’s about tradition—and it’s about making something new.

This made-in-Ontario anthem is a tribute to the past year I’ve spent in the great outdoors—riding, living life, watching the sun go down from a spot out on the lake or watching the snow drifts build while I’m out on the trail. Every line in the song is inspired by a ride I did this year.

Larry loving #ontarioquadtrails in Kapuskasing - Photo by Virgil Knapp

You want to know what the song is really about? It’s that free feeling. You know what I mean. That feeling when you’re living in the moment—all your fears, your cares, that list of errands and that email you’ve been meaning to send. All that fades away. You’re in the now. You’re one with nature. You’ve got the wind in your face. You feel this deep sense of wonder and gratitude. You think about our ancestors and what it was like for them out there in the wilderness—building a new life, steering their fate. You think about all those new Canadians from other places that are seeing their first snowfall or finding that rush that comes from that first time out on the water or trail by yourself. You think about your family. About your friends. And how lucky we are to live in Ontario. And then you crank that power up as high as it can go and blast away your cares!

That’s what I wanted to capture with this song. That’s why I wrote it. It’s a kind of musical road map to my journey this past year. This is a song about the everyday person that needs to let loose on that lake, trail, or back road—just enjoying a ride with the wind blowing in their face. If you’re a fan of “Rock Town” or “No Guts No Glory” this is the song for you. No matter what time of year—this is the song you want to crank up loud and let loose to! So, from Canada Day to Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve to Victoria Day weekend (and every day in between) I hope “What a Ride” will become your new anthem. 

Something else I’m really proud of that I want you to know about: everyone involved in the song is from Ontario. The song, produced by me, Chris Syrie, and Frank Labelle has got me on vocals, Chris Syrie my co-writer on lead guitar, Nick Fernandez on bass, Ryan Peddie on drums, and Kyle Maki on guitar. And every last one of these guys is from Ontario.

So, get ready to stream “What a Ride.” Get ready to hear it on country music radio and all over social media. 

About Larry Berrio

Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, Larry is an established artist in the Canadian Country Music industry and has been touring Canada and performing for over 14 years. Riding Power Sports is his passion, Music is his message.

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