A Foodie Tour of Ontario's Ride the Highlands

This rider tells us why Ride the Highlands is a must do!

For me, a motorcycle trip means good food. It's a must—I must put good meals on my itinerary. When I was invited to Ontario’s Highlands, I immediately looked at the itinerary for my next meals.

I was not disappointed with the stops along the way.

I took the road to the Highlands from my home, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It took a few hours until arriving in Perth, Ontario. This small town, located on the Tay River quickly charmed me. But I didn't expect that the real surprise would be the first restaurant we would eat at.

A quick trip to Mexico

Mex & Co. offers fresh Mexican cuisine with scenic water views. 

I have a strong passion for Mexican food. Having been to Mexico many times, my taste buds have memories of delicious meals, and Mex & Co. did not disappoint! In addition to a meal worthy of Mexico, we enjoyed our food on the patio overlooking the Tay River. Beautiful and delicious, it starts strong.

A good coffee

Another important thing is a kick start to the day, and that is done with a good coffee or tea.

Our second day started well at Oh-el-la Café! A very cute little place with friendly people and especially a great matcha latté.

After this morning happiness, the curves and the roads of the Highlands charmed me. Curves and breathtaking landscapes. Just when I thought my day as a biker was at its peak... came the cherry on top of the day; and my trip.

From the farm to us

Fresh pizzas in a wood-fired oven await riders at Back Forty Artisan Cheese.

Back Forty Artisan Cheese is a little hidden paradise. It's a cute little artisan farm where delicious cheeses come to life. As if that's not enough, they make homemade pizzas in a wood-fired oven. The foodie in me was thrilled. Fresh pizzas made in front of us by the chef; I felt so privileged. You must put this place on your itinerary!

Back to Perth

Again, Perth is a quaint little town that deserves to be known. We stayed there for our entire trip. So, after a day in the grandeur of the Highlands, we were ready to decompress in a place that felt like home. We had that pleasure at Fiddleheads. Friendly service and comforting food are what you get. Fiddleheads is also a great place to end the evening... we had a great time!

Curves, delights, and rain

To end our too short trip in the best possible way, the Highlands roads were again waiting for us with their curves and beautiful landscapes. Curve after curve, a motorcyclist's dream. As in all the places we visited, we felt so welcome.

In the afternoon, we were greeted with rain, but we arrived in time at CC's on the Rideau. A charming restaurant on the waterfront, we took a nice break there while mother nature was unleashed. After a good meal, we hit the road again for our last few kilometers.

Your next trip

If you’re on the fence about your next destination, I recommend the nature and the curves of Ontario’s Highlands. You'll discover friendly people, and a place where we motorcyclists are welcome. And if you’re like me, a foodie traveller, I swear you're in for a treat!


About Cyndi Martin

Cyndi Martin is the co-owner of Chicks and Machines. Whether on an ATV, side-by-side, motorcycle, Ryker, snowmobile, or watercraft, this dynamic woman breaks stereotypes everywhere she goes. She is also a podcast host on BPM Sports, a TV host on RDS and Sportsman Canada, and a columnist for RDS in Le Show de moto and in La Game on BPM Sports.

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