Why Go To Bikers Reunion Again This Year?

Whether you haven't missed one since it started in 1999 or you're considering taking the plunge this year there are as many reasons to go again as there are riders!

The motorcycling community in Ontario is in good health. Each year, more events are added to the already humongous list of poker runs, rallies, show and shines, fundraiser rides and meet-ups across the province. There's more than enough to keep a biker busy throughout the riding season without even having to venture very far to find it. 

So what's the draw of riding all the way up to New Liskeard to attend the same event again and again? After all, this will be our 5th year in a row. Shouldn't we be tired of this by now?



In fact, it's quite the opposite. After years of taking part in this tradition we've never been more excited than for the 2015 edition! As most motorcycle touring fans know, that long-ass drive to get there is half the fun. Sure, finding new routes in the wilds of Northeastern Ontario is one way to keep it exciting but cruising down those roads that once seemed so strange is now more like visiting old friends. A little bit of both might be in order this year. 

Mike and Claude Riding

And once we're there we know we'll be reconnecting with actual old friends. Some of whom we only see once a year but all of us sharing in the common bond of having hauled ourselves up for another Bikers Reunion. With attendants coming in from all over, there will be as many opinions as there are bikers as to which routes are best. If you see me this weekend be sure to say hello and let me know how you got there!


Temiskaming Loop Go Tour Trip Planner Screenshot


There's a lot to look forward to again this year: great music, demo rides, show and shines, a chance to ride in a monster truck and another chance to see the Cannonlady do her thing. Most of all, I'm looking forward to the Freedom Ride. Parading with thousands of bikers and visiting the Temiskaming Hospital to see the actual contribution that this event makes to the community. That's enough of a reason to keep me coming back.

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If you haven't already registered you can do it when you arrive. 

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And here's an audio/visual look back at some memories of Bikers Reunions past: 



Click on the map below to see the trip to Bikers Reunion from Toronto.


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