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Science North's Summer Camps are World-Class

Kids will love the chance to play & learn at one of Canada's best science centres

From Bill Nye to the exciting frontier of space exploration, science today is seriously cool. Science centres like Science North and Dynamic Earth in Greater Sudbury know this, and have been delivering the science camp experience to kids ages 4 to 11 for 30 years!

In case you haven’t visited an interactive science centre before, read here for an idea of the type of experience Science North offers visitors.

An alternative to the traditional outdoorsy camp experiences, kids attending science camp get the opportunity to get hands-on with real tools, engage in modern science, and most importantly of all, socialize and have fun with friends at one of the country’s best science centres – right here in Northeastern Ontario.

Kids Love Science Camp

Cathy Stadder Wise has been directing the science camp program since its infancy. When asked what it is that kids love about camp she said, “Kids are social animals. The chance to go to camp with your best friend, play with new stuff that you don’t have at home, the chance for science to be fun are some of the most common things we hear from kids and parents alike.”

Camp attendance has been steadily increasing since 2010, with over 2,500 kids attending Science North’s camps every year across northern Ontario. And it’s not just local kids – camp attendees have come from as far away as Little Current on Manitoulin Island, Toronto, and even Singapore! Often grandparents or guardians will use the camps to provide their charges with a little “focus time” during their visit.

Parents/guardians – even if you’re coming from out of town to camp or vacation for a week or two, science camps are a fantastic way to give your kids something constructive and fun to do, while freeing up a little time for yourself! Camp hours typically run from 9 am to 4 pm, leaving plenty of free hours for family time.

Camp attendees will have a mix of free time and structured time to explore and engage with everything the centres have to offer. Cathy says, “We recognize that some of our camps take place at one of the most exciting science centres in the world, and we have supervised time in the science centre to explore. The rest of the day is designed for specific topics and age groups.”

From nature-themed camps to animal adventures to technology-based programming, there is sure to be a camp that appeals to every science lover! Some exciting new offerings for 2017 are the French Immersion camps designed for French language speakers. (Scroll down for a full listing of camp offerings in the region.)

Bluecoats Love Science Camps, too!

A Science North Bluecoat introduces visitors to the resident skunk!

“What's a Bluecoat?” you may be asking. They’re Science North + Dynamic Earth’s dedicated staff and volunteers – easily identifiable by their trademark royal or light blue lab coats. They’re also the deliverers of the science camp programming.

Cathy has been a Bluecoat with Science North for over 30 years, and we just had to ask what keeps her so passionate about creating and delivering the camps. Her response: “I really enjoy the enthusiasm and passion that our staff bring to the camp development process. While we don’t actually get to do everything they want to, it’s really fun to watch them come up with new ideas for children to try out and enjoy!”

This year, Science North will be in 14 communities across Northeastern Ontario, all in pursuit of one of their ultimate goals, which is to “help children develop the desire and attitude to be curious about the world, try new things, and explore the world around them.”

Parents or guardians interested in finding out more about the camp experiences, FAQs, and registration should visit the Science North website.

Find a Science Camp in a Northeastern Ontario Community

Communities with the (F) listing have programming available in French:

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