15 Photos to get you Excited about Snowmobiling in Northern Ontario

Groomed trails, fresh snow, welcoming smiles—here are 15 fun shots that prove why Ontario is one of the best spots to ride.

Judging by how fast next season's snowmobiles sell out as soon as they are available in the spring and the explosion of chitchat online at the sight of the first snowflakes, stoking Ontario's snowmobiling fire for the upcoming season is an easy task. That said, even the most hard-core snowmobiler might appreciate some photographic eye candy to help pass the long days on the edge of the seasons. 15 images from past seasons to get you excited about recreational riding on OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trails in 2023.


Floating on a cloud, can it get any better than fresh snow over groomed trail? Here, we are heading south from Dubreuilville, destination Wawa.


Perfectly groomed trail, plenty of snow, blue skies and sunshine and the company of friends, perfection, on the North Shore Loop, Algoma.


Winter wonderland during March in Muskoka; the season is not over till it's over.


From wildlife to the splendours of nature, you never know what you will discover on the trail.


Lunch is always a viable destination. The Suds on Main can be found in Kearney and is just one of many establishments assessable by snowmobile across Ontario.


You have to experience it to believe it; seeing more snowmobiles than cars at northern Ontario hotels and restaurants is a sight to behold. With a club trail providing local access within Sault Ste. Marie city limits, the Marriott Fairfield is snowmobilers' favourite.


It might be about the ride, but sometimes you have to stop and take it in.


How much do Northern Ontario accommodation businesses love snowmobilers? Enough to provide your sleds with a room, like the heated garage at Magpie Relay in Dubreuilville.


Navigating Ontario's 30 000 kilometres of groomed snowmobile trails can be daunting. Luckily there is an app for that, but there is something to be said for going old school, opening a map and planning your next move.


Prepping all those OFSC trails for our enjoyment is a group effort, and there are many deserving of our thanks. 

Thank you to the local snowmobile clubs, whose efforts go way beyond the snow season.


Thank you to the groomer operators that spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours behind the wheel making sure the trails are at their best.


Thank you to the businesses that house us, feed us, and ensure the ride goes on by providing fuel in the middle of nowhere. 

We always enjoy a stop at Black Creek Outfitters.


I prefer to rap up the day's ride before the sun sets, but enjoying the sunset from the seat of your snowmobile and riding into the night is a fantastic experience.


Here's hoping for a lot of snow and memorable adventures. In Algoma, Ontario, thanks to Lake Superior's snow-making machine, the snow here is plentiful and season long.

There you have it; the 2023 Ontario snowmobiling season is promising to be a good one. Time to pack your bags and start planning for your next adventure. There are 33 pre-planned Ontario Snow Tours to choose from, like the Ride Around Algonquin Park Tour, aka the R.A.P tour, a definite bucket-list-worthy adventure.


See you on the trails!

Ontario law requires a snowmobile entering an OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trail for recreational riding purposes to display a valid Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit

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