Meet the Creatures at Northern Exotics!

Northern Exotics is an indoor zoo and pet store located on Kathleen Street in Sudbury. The exhibit offers a good safe home to many exotic animals that were rescued or once belonged to people as pets. From reptiles to monkeys, Northern Exotics shows you a little taste of the wild.

Since opening the zoo, owners Denis and Cambie have made it their mission to educate visitors on the care required for these special animals, in hopes of discouraging impulse buying of exotic animals. Although some reptiles such as bearded dragons and certain snakes make great pets, most of the animals at Northern Exotics require so much more space than the average person can provide for them.

In my recent visit to Northern Exotics, I was able to meet so many special animals that Denis and Cambie care for – some requiring around the clock care. Meet a few of them below!

Priscilla the porcupine is an African Crested Porcupine who just celebrated her 2nd birthday. She's very curious and friendly and LOVES sweet potatoes.

I was also able to meet a 13 foot Burmese Python that was rescued and brought to Northern Exotics to have a safe home. Although she’s still very shy, Denis says she has come a long way by putting on a bunch of weight and a few feet of length since being rescued!

Next are two AW-dorable little fennec foxes. Since they are nocturnal they weren’t very active but that makes it so much easier to take pictures of them!

Of course, no visit would be complete without a stop at the Squirrel Monkeys. They love to put on a show, especially their newest monkey Juniper who is only 8 months old!

Last but not least is Northern Exotic’s famous Northern Pine Snake. This famous guy has already appeared in the filming of several films and series in Sudbury including Slasher, Mean Dreams and LetterKenny (although Letterkenney’s scene was cut).

Head over to Northern Exotics with the family and learn about amazing animals from all over the world, featuring almost 100 species from six different continents! On your way out, make sure to stop by their pet store where all of the food and treats are made in Canada or the USA! Shopping bonus: proceeds from the store will help support the zoo, providing better care for the animals and creating education programs.

By: Natalie Lalonde

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