Come Deer Hunting in Sunset Country

Bag a Big Buck in Ontario

Northwestern Ontario has immense tracts of Boreal forest inhabited by a wide variety of animals. Whitetail deer are one of those animals and if you are a big game hunter, then you should consider our region of the province. Whitetail bucks in Sunset Country are large, heavy-bodied animals with significant racks. You may even see 300-pound animals roaming the woods here. 


Beautiful Whitetail Deer caught on a trail Ccam

Beautiful Whitetail Deer caught on a trail cam

It is highly recommended you use the services of a qualified outfitter for your hunt and depending on the area you're choosing to hunt, you may require one. They can provide accommodations and guide you if that is what you are looking for. For those hunters looking to do an unguided deer hunt, staying at an area lodge still has many advantages.

The most obvious of these is the experience and knowledge of the lodge owner. They will meet with your hunting party and discuss locations that look promising and will even mark them on a map for you. In some cases, the biggest animals are deeper into the bush so you may have to work for it but that trophy buck is definitely out there. Certain areas of Northwest Ontario require that you hunt with a guide. Please check the Ontario Deer Hunting Regulations to see if where you are hunting requires a guide. 

Successful deer hunt with Gateway Outfitters
Successful deer hunt with Gateway North Outfitters


Alternatively, guided hunts give you the hunter, a much better opportunity at successfully harvesting an animal as your guide is knowledgeable in the local backcountry areas they take you into. They have established experience with how the animals move and at what time of day. You can also get meals included if you wish by selecting the American Plan Package. If you're after a trophy whitetail then Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario should be high on your list of possible destinations.

Use this link for a list of Sunset Country hunting outfitters to help plan your hunting trip this fall.

About Gerry Cariou

Gerry is Executive Director of Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Association and is an avid fisherman and nature photographer. Gerry has been writing about Sunset Country's varied travel experiences for over 20 years and lives these experiences year-round in Kenora, Ontario.

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