Santa Claus Makes an Appearance

Big or small, virtually every community has a Santa Claus parade.

Watch the children's face as Santa nears...

Everyone loves to bundle up each year and go down to see all the decorated floats with bright, colourful lights and adults and children in costume. Myself, I love to see the anticipation in the eyes of the children as the float with Santa nears. While everyone likes all the floats, the young ones are so excited to see the last float arrive with Santa waving to all he passes.

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The Dryden Kinsmen hosts a Santa Claus Parade host a parade each year usually starting at 6:30 pm. Prizes are handed out in several categories: Bring out the kids and some hot chocolate and enjoy the fun!

Children ride decked out horses during the parade. Photo Courtesy of
Children ride decked out horses during the parade. Photo Courtesy of

Fort Frances:

The Santa Claus Parade in Fort Frances a community tradition. Bring out the whole family and stand along Scott Street to take in the floats. Why not come downtown and make a day of it. Each year the town comes up with a different theme and as usual, the floats will be judged and eligible for prizes. There are many other activities planned for the day as well. Contact the Town for more information and dates. 

A float in the 2012 Kenora Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade
A float in the Kenora Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade


The Kenora Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade is held each year in late-November or early December.  It usually begins at 5:30 pm in Central Park. Like Fort Frances, Kenora has a new theme each year.  Here's a map of the Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade route. Visit Tourism Kenora for more info.


2013 Kenora Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade Route
Kenora Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade Route

Red Lake:

The Red Lake 'Parade of Lights' starts each year at the Buffalo Turnaround and is usually held in the first week of December. The floats proceed east along Howey Street to the Government Dock turnaround. The parade then heads back along Howey Street to the lights and then turn left onto Highway 105 and continue to the Red Lake Royal Canadian Legion where Santa will get off. The rest of the float will continue to Young Street. Everyone is welcome to the Legion following the parade for hot dogs, hot chocolate, treats and to see Santa. 

Santa in the Red Lake 'Parade of Lights'. Photo courtesy of
Santa in the Red Lake 'Parade of Lights'. Photo courtesy of

Sioux Lookout:

The Santa Claus Parade in Sioux Lookout each year in early December usually starting at 5:00 pm. The Parade starts at the high school and goes down Third Avenue to Front Street. It then goes west on Front Street to 6th Avenue and finishes at Johnny's parking lot.  Call the Sioux Lookout Information Centre at 807-737-1937 for more information. 

Hockey Night in Sioux Lookout float from 2011
Hockey Night in Sioux Lookout

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