A How-to on Hunting in Sunset Country

Tips from Guide Jeff Gustafson

here's what you need to know WHEN HUNTING IN Canada

When planning a hunting trip to another country there is always some anxiety for those who have never crossed a border before to hunt. There is the added stress of traveling with guns and hopefully returning home with a harvested animal. 

Thousands of hunters travel to Canada each year from other countries, mainly the United States, without issue.  Here are some things you need to know about traveling over the border to experience your dream hunt

Crossing the Border

When it comes to crossing the border into Canada, you can either drive or fly, depending on where you’re hunting. Passing through Canada Customs is easy, though a passport is needed.  If you have a criminal record then there could be some issues but if your record is clean you will have no problem. 

Crossing the border into Canada doesn't have to be difficult

Crossing the border into Canada doesn't have to be difficult

Registering your guns

When you travel over the border, you are required to register your gun(s) with Canada Customs.  There is a permit that can be found here: Canadian Firearms Declaration Form

You can fill this permit out in advance of hitting the border, JUST DON’T SIGN IT and it makes your border stop quick and easy. Hundreds of hunters are bringing guns over the border every day during the hunting season so this is a very easy process. 

Trophy whitetail deer hunts are very successful in Ontario' Sunset Country
Trophy whitetail deer hunts are very successful in Ontario's Sunset Country

Booking your trip

Wherever you decide to book your trip your outfitter can offer advice on the best way to travel to your destination as well as give you any information you may need about buying tags. Other than moose and bear tags, which can be purchased through an outfitter, all other game tags (deer, wolves, small game, and waterfowl) can be purchased over the counter when you arrive in Ontario. 

Booking your trip well in advance will give you plenty of time to make sure you are prepared for everything you need to know about traveling to hunt in Canada.  

Trail cam shot of an Ontario whitetail deer
Trail cam shot of an Ontario whitetail deer

Game processing and getting it home

All of the communities in the Sunset Country Region have meat shops that will process your game quickly and professionally for you. For hunters in remote locations, most outfitters are competent at processing your game and will know the best way for you to get it home. 

When crossing the border with game and animal parts, an Ontario export permit is needed. These export permits can be purchased at any licensing business and cost only a small fee. Wolf hunters need to get a CITIES permit to transport their wolves out of the Country and these can be obtained free of charge at Ontario Natural Resources offices.  


Don’t let a border stop you from pursuing the hunting trip of your dreams. As I said earlier, thousands of hunters travel to Canada each year and all of the outfitters that you’ll talk to will be able to assist you with any travel anxiety that you might have. 

You'll be hunting in a variety of terrain in Ontario
You'll be hunting on a variety of terrain in Ontario

Feel free to send any questions you might have to info@visitsunsetcountry.com or call toll-free 1-800-665-7567 to speak to someone at the Sunset Country office.

About Jeff Gustafson

Jeff Gustafson is a professional angler living in Kenora, Ontario on the shores of Lake of the Woods. His outgoing, genuine, friendly attitude makes him a natural outdoor writer, fishing and hunting guide." You'll see him fishing the Bass Master Tournament Circuit where he's has had a lot of success against the best bass anglers on the planet. Jeff also fishes many bass tournaments in Ontario's Sunset Country, his home base. 

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