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The human eye can register around 1 million colours. And we’re pretty sure that all of them are on display when the leaves change up here in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Our boreal forests are some of the largest and most intact left on earth—they stretch for thousands of kilometres and are made up of more than 20 species of trees including the balsam fir, larch, poplar, white spruce, birch, oak, and aspen. That means when the leaves start to change in September, our region makes for a fantastic road trip.

A journey to see the leaves changing in our vast Boreal forest is a bucket list experience.

A rolling landscape of brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, against the dark green pine await the hundreds of thousands of travellers who come north every year to drink it all in. Luckily, our many historic towns and cities are nestled comfortably inside this epic wilderness making them an easy base for your autumn adventures.

Check out our fall colour report to discover the best time to visit.

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