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When two veteran outdoorswomen visit Ontario, our intrepid writer makes sure they get the full experience!

This fall, I had the opportunity to bring two well-known female riders to my hometown of Parry Sound for a ride we would never forget. Dubbed “Edgy Adventures” because it took place in the Explorers' Edge region of Ontario, this tour involved as many different motorsports as you can ride on a short two-day getaway. For us that meant float plane, hovercraft, ATV and dirtbike! These different motorized vehicles gave us the opportunity to explore some of the incredible trails, waterways and skies that our corner of the province has to offer.

Honda ATV and bike fisheye
bike atv atv
dirt bike

Leticia Cline, model and adventure junkie, and Ami Houde, a pro motocross racer with 20 years' experience, joined me for this adventure. Leticia hails to us from Orlando, Florida, while Ami joined us from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was very excited to bring these two remarkable women here for an adventure of a lifetime!

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Together we discovered the beauty of the western frontier of the area known as Explorer’s Edge. While riding the trails on Honda ATVs and dirtbikes at Bear Claw Tours, we got to experience the beauty of the Canadian Shield. We took a spin on some hovercrafts from Air Rider Hovercraft and got an up-close and personal view of a wild cranberry marsh. We then took to the sky in a Georgian Bay Airways float-plane to take in the spectacular view of the Georgian Bay. After our thrilling and challenging day of adventures, we got to relax and refuel our bodies at the Glenn Burney Lodge, overlooking the beautiful sunset on the Bay. 

Air Rider Hovercraft
air rider hovercraft with riders
Georgian Bay Airways Plane
georgian bay airways plane with riders
early morning mist on water

I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to show-off my hometown and the adventures we have to offer. 

To read more about our Edgy Adventures and to check out the full article and video Click Here.

Georgian BayAirways
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