Romance & ATVing?

It might not seem like the most obvious outing to get the sparks flying, but read on...

Unlike buying your wife a chainsaw for Christmas, a romantic getaway ATV tour package can truly be enjoyable for both parties.

Many women enjoy riding, some even enjoy getting muddy, and yet the sport seems dominated by men. Some women are just not comfortable with riding in groups; they become concerned that since they are less practised than others, they might hold up the group, or "look goofy" fumbling about with the gears, or getting stuck (but isn't that the idea?). Keep in mind, most women who do ride may not get out as often as the guys, and some unfortunately only once a season.

A couples ATV getaway can not only spice up your relationship, but can help less experienced riders feel more comfortable and relaxed, enjoying the trip a great deal more.

Pinestone Rresort 02
My guide Kim and I checking out the scenery

Many resorts welcome ATVers, and some, like the Pinestone Resort in Haliburton, offer ATV tour packages. These packages have many advantages, such as not requiring you to make the trip in the truck and trailer: you can simply rent the ATV on site.

Another advantage is that most guided tours include an orientation safety course prior to the trail ride, giving the less experienced the confidence they need to have fun and sneak a little outside their comfort zone.

What a contrast: a busy, outdoors, fesh air filled, fun and adventurous day, followed by a relaxing, intimate evening sitting by the fireplace.

At the end of the day, instead of a long trip home, covered in mud, the two of you retreat to your resort room or cottage, clean up, and voilà: it's date night.

The Pinestone has one of Haliburton Highland’s most sought-after dining venues: the Heatherwood Restaurant. The warm and inviting true north décor, the views of the tranquil waters, and the spectacular sunsets bring the great cuisine and dining experience full circle. You enjoy each other's company reliving the highlights of your ATVing, and spend some quality time together.

About Mark Hamerton

Ontario facinates me; the farther I go in the bush, the more I feel at home. I love showing people new riding areas, and the countless stunning locations you can get to on an ATV.

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