What’s New for 2024 in the ATV Market

From Kawasaki to Can-Am to performance tires—check out these wild new rides on offer from ATV manufacturers around the world.
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According to Global Market Insights, the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) market, currently a 2.9-billion-dollar industry, is poised for 6.5% growth between 2024-2032, thanks to manufacturers like Honda Corp. who are investing in manufacturing facilities and technological advancements. Honda plans to invest 380 million in a new production facility for their popular FourTrax Rancher ATV. At the same time, other top ATV makers have new offerings in the market this year too—exciting news for our go-to mode of transportation for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Let us take a look at what’s in store for the 2024 ATV season, including regulations, what big motorsport manufacturers have to offer for off-road enthusiasts, and other market news!

Performance ATV Tires

Shiny new Behemoth tires
CST Behemoths

Anyone who rides ATVs knows the importance of quality rubber underneath. According to research, the ATV/UTV tire market is booming bigger than ever, with an increase of 43.57 million units sold since 2001. New for 2024 are a variety of CST tires that are both affordable and durable. Whether you’re working, hunting, fishing or exploring, ATVs and side-by-sides ensure you conquer whatever terrain lies beneath. A first-rate manufacturing operation, CST tires are setting a new standard in the powersport industry. Take the new CST Behemoth tires for example—their radial construction ensures lower rolling resistance in hardpack conditions and offers confidence at high speeds, and in deep mud, to ensure that riders make it back from any adventure safe and sound. For more information check out this site.

Kawasaki’s New Redesigned Brute

A shiny new 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 in Timberline green.
The 2024 Brute Force 750

Kawasaki’s versatile Brute Force ATV underwent a complete make-over this year, including redesigned fenders, a new grille and a 3D emblem—and that’s just the beginning. Coupled with responsive power, great handling, and Kawasaki's reputation for build quality, you can’t go wrong. I owned two reliable Kawasaki ATVs over the years. With 2WD/4WD switch and variable front differential lock controls, the new Brute Force has plenty of ride options, and an impressive 1,250-lb towing capacity to boot. A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) On-demand and variable front differential control. The new Brute Force 750 also offers state-of-the-art TFT colour instrumentation. Along with all LED lighting, the newly integrated handlebar-mounted LED light illuminates the path ahead. The Brute Force also has rugged new storage racks amplifying the utility of this adventure-ready ATV. Read more info on the new Brute Force here.

Can‑Am Outlander 2024

a new 2024 Can-Am Outlander 500/700 in black
The 2024 Outlander 500/700

Over at Canadian manufacturer BRP, makers of the Can‑Am line, the new 2024 Outlander is creating some waves in the ATV market this year. The 2024 Outlander 500/700 and Outlander PRO are being touted as the baddest ATVs ever. From upgraded engines to a new chassis, the Outlander line is laying down a marker. With up to 91 horses, these ATVs offer some of the most power in the industry. And continuous upgrades make their reputation for reliability legendary. All of Can‑Am’s ATVs come with a Continuously Variable Transmission. CVTs automatically keep you in the right gear, delivering just the right amount of power to the wheels. The new Outlanders come equipped with a high-performing suspension system that they are constantly perfecting. The new Outlander Pro retails just under $10,000 which is reasonable in today’s market. Read this site on the Can‑Am ATV segment for more information.

New Argo Magnum

a new 2024 Argo Magnum XF 500 in olive green
The Argo Magnum XF 500 

Looking at what other domestic producers have in store this spring, Canadian Manufacturer Argo, makers of the famous 8-wheeled amphibious vehicle, recently unveiled their 2024 model lineup of ATVs and side-by-sides. Argo’s dependable new Magnum XF 500 features a 443cc liquid-cooled EFI engine, for plenty of performance, anchored by an automatic CV transmission with engine braking for a smooth, safe ride and much quicker stops. The Magnum’s new heavy-duty rear dump box gives riders the ability to haul equipment, landscaping rocks or hunting and fishing gear into the deep backwoods. ARGO, the pride of New Hamburg Ontario and a world leader in amphibious and Extreme Terrain Vehicles (ETV) will surely find its niche in the burgeoning side-by-side market with the new Magnum

ATV Safety Requirements

a line of riders on ATVs coming up a stretch of straight gravel road surrounded by thick, dark forest. They are raising a trail of dust that appears like mist behind them.
Photo credit Careena Alexis

ATV/UTV enthusiasts need to be aware that the Ministry of Transportation requires that your machine meet the following requirements: Your ATV/UTV must be less than 1.35 meters wide, excluding mirrors and must weigh 450 kg or less. It must also have low-pressure bearing tires, be registered, display a rear license plate, and carry insurance under a motor vehicle policy.  All ATVs must also meet the motor vehicle safety standards prescribed for restricted-use vehicles in the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and be equipped with an appropriate service brake, parking brake and brake light on the rear of the bike.

OFATV Rules of the Road

3 riders on ATVs driving up a rocky, leaf-covered trail with a trickle of water running across it. The trees around them are covered in bright yellow-green leaves.

Powersport enthusiasts should check out the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) for the latest news on local trails. The Club reminds riders that they must possess an M1/G2 Ontario Licence or equivalent to use municipal roads. ATVs used on municipal roads must also be licenced and have valid insurance. The Club also reminds new riders, this spring, the importance of being familiar with the rules that govern ATVs in Ontario and within the municipality that you are riding in.

Happy Trails in 2024

As we launch into another exciting ATV year, be safe, happy riding and enjoy your 2024 off-roading season!

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