The Algoma ADV

A special feature on motorcycle adventure touring in Ontario's Algoma Country.
Day 1

We staged from Manitoulin Island and headed north on HWY 6, then west on Fox Lake Road midway between Little Current and Espanola. Fox Lake road is a seasonal Class 2 road—two-lane gravel for the most part… feels more like a single lane. It's good going, with minimal local traffic to camps.

martin 19
We had a bit of extra time so decided to make a slight deviation in the route plan to Sagamok First Nation to get a grand view of the North Channel, frolic in the water and put our kickstands down for a few minutes.

Traversing west from Massey on HWY 17 and north on 108, we fuel up both ourselves and our bikes in Elliot Lake before hitting the Deer Trail. The Fireside Classic Grill is biker-friendly, with good grub, and there were bikes coming and going the entire time that we were there. Back on the road, north on 629, the road narrowed and there was lots of elevation, sweepers and amazing views. The lack of infrastructure and cell signals lends to that wonderful sense that you are now somewhere else, far away from it all. We hit the apex of the Deer Trail and headed southwest, hugging the Little White River, along secondary river valley roads that rarely disappoint. For about 50 kilometres we had plenty of twisties on chip and tar, with good traction, just cruising hammer down.

martin 1x
The Deer Trail has frost-heaved sections and, at times, the sand creeps out onto the riding track. Adventure class bikes were built for this sort of road—lots of clearance, aggressive treads, no problem.

After a good ride heading North on 129, we arrived safe and sound at Wakomata Lake Cottages. After a good day of riding, a huge delicious meal, and I was ready for bed. We had a good-sized adjoining cabin that all 7 of us occupied, which was great for socializing into the evening.

RIDE REPORT Cont'd - Click here to read on, for the rest of the detailed ride report of the Algoma ADV Route.


When it comes to accommodations, some more extreme riders don't mind pitching tents in the middle of nowhere. But at the same time, a certain comfort level can be nice too, especially if you haven't done adventure touring before. The routes posted are what I'm gonna call conservative routes, meaning that you can do them without too much worry. The roads we've chosen are mapped and proven. There's no gotchas or surprises along the way. You're not gonna get stranded.

At the same time, it's also about preference. Some very experienced riders don't like gravel, it's just a matter of personal preference. Just keep in mind that the further north that you go, the more dispersed the infrastructure is. Wherever you go in Ontario, I can say with confidence that you'll find great people and warm accommodations. The people are what make this such a great area to visit.

The Laurentian Lodge

Mountainview Lodge

Ritchie Falls Resort

Wakomata Lake Cottages

About Steven Fox-Radulovich

Steven Fox-Radulovich is an avid adventure rider and Band member of M’Chigeeng First Nation.  He was the co-founder of Ride Manitoulin, an annual rally on his home of Manitoulin Island.   Steven got his first bike when he was 12 years old and still loves off road riding that brings you to those special places that are off the beaten path.  He rides and tours weather permitting or not, and is happy to take anybody out for a ride and show them around.  Steven continues to explore and promote adventure riding in Northern Ontario and abroad.

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