Ride the Backbone of Cottage Country

The best way to get from Muskoka to Parry Sound has everything a rider could ask for.

At number three on the list of Top 30 Motorcycle Roads in Ontario, Highway 141 has the moto touring qualities worthy of bragging rights. While the end to end ride will have you coming back for more, the most significant deposit in your memory bank is sure to be what must be the most iconic turn in all of Ontario (see the photo above).

Few experiences leave a smile on a motorcyclist's face than leaning into a corner between a lake and a hard place. In this case, Lake Rosseau on one side and a towering wall of the Canadian Shield on the other. A moment of absolute emotional and visual perfection.

Where is it?

Located approximately 20 km north of Bracebridge, the 78-km Highway 141 traverses east/west between Highways 11 and 400. A well-deserved member of Muskoka's best motorcycling road list, Highway 141 acts as the backbone to the Explorers' Edge moto-touring loops.

On the Bike

Turning west from Highway 11, it’s all about big sweepers and enjoying the grand views and excellent pavement. Skirting the top end of the bulk of Muskoka's cottage country, the ride offers a surprisingly unpopulated feel. That said, traffic, mainly on the weekend, can make for slow going. West of Rosseau, amenities quickly disappear, and you are rewarded with long sight-lines and gently sweeping spoils of the open road.

While riding Highway 141 east to west or vice versa is the obvious choice, and one that should be on your Ontario moto must-ride list, you have other options. Muskoka Road #3—aka Aspdin Road from the north and Highway 632 from the south, both fabulous moto roads—allows you to access Hwy 141 in Rosseau and make your ride planning a bit more complicated (in the best possible way).

Off the Bike

If you need to stretch your legs, Rosseau Falls and Minnehaha Falls both make for an excellent stop, particularly when the water is rushing in the early season. The historic Bent River General Store is a welcome stop, and the only place to get gas along Highway 141. Then, of course, there is the community of Rosseau, the quintessential Muskoka vacation town. Step back in time at the famous Rosseau General Store or refuel the body at one of the coffee shops in town. If you need something more filling, Crossroads Restaurant offers delicious food and a spectacular lake view.

While most riders take in Hwy 141 as a day trip, if your grander plan finds you in the Rosseau area overnight, the TWG Guest House, Star Lake Lodge & Cottages or Rosseau Retreat Historic B&B will be happy to host you. For something more adventurous, you can camp at Bent River Campground.

Fuelling Up

Fuel along 141 is limited and is only available at the Bent River General Store located 20 km east of Hwy 11. Keep in mind, if heading west, the next gas is north along Hwy 400, approximately 60 km away.

As number three on the list of Top 30 Motorcycle Roads in Ontario, expectations are high, but Highway 141 delivers. Relaxed cruising and a cottage vibe without the Muskoka crowds, places to stop, sights to see, and the most iconic turn in all of Ontario. Yeah, I'd say Hwy 141 has it all.

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