Ride Cage Free in 2023 on this Epic Ontario Moto Tour: All-inclusive. All outdoors. All high-octane fun.

Freedom Biker Tours offer riders an all-inclusive chance to explore Canada with a biker’s philosophy.

Editor's note: The Ontario Freedom Biker Tour is no longer offered for summer 2023. Check their site for more moto touring options.

Whether you're cruising the rugged Canadian Shield, navigating some of Ontario's mind-blowing twisties, or enjoying a few boisterous bbq spots with newfound friends—the perfect way to experience the province's wealth of offerings is definitely on the back of a motorcycle.

That's the thinking behind Freedom Biker Tours, the newly launched tour operator that lets travelers tap into the adventure of the open road and rebel spirit that is foundational to biker culture—while enjoying some of the most remarkable sites and delicious meals that Ontario—and Canada—has to offer.

The company was founded by Joseph “JD” Dubois, who’s spent 40 years in the hospitality industry, from consulting for hotels, running tour businesses, and even spending a stint as a flight attendant. But whatever his professional designation, he’s always been a biker.

“I’ve ridden motorcycles my entire life,” says Dubois, a lifetime member of Harley Owners Group and senior member of the Okanagan H.O.G. He even wrote his masters thesis on “Understanding Motorcycle Tourism Through a Study of Biker Culture,” meeting and interviewing bikers throughout North America, taking part in events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and diving deep into the history, literature, and film around biker culture. 

This love and appreciation of biking inspired Freedom Biker Tours, which he saw not only as a chance to celebrate motorcycling, but a prime business opportunity. 

“No Canadian company is promoting Canada as an international motorcycling destination—they’re more the offroad, adventure type of tourism,” says Dubois. “Our company is really modeled after the old-school Harley culture. That’s why our brand values are Freedom, Authenticity, Acceptance and Brotherhood.”

Riders will enjoy epic scenery and historic sights along the shores of Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay.

Though Dubois himself is based in Summerland, British Columbia, the tours ride throughout Canada, including Northern Ontario. Each excursion is composed of 8-12 riders, plus Dubois himself, members of his team joining on a support vehicle carrying the luggage, water, and snacks, as well as a first-aid kit and other supplies. 

“It's the same kind of thing that somebody would experience if they hopped on a motorcoach or did a bus tour, but we’re doing it on a motorcycle,” says Dubois. “They can come on this ride with us and know they don’t have to worry about anything.”

Ride and relax with an all-inclusive package

It’s a fully inclusive vacation package, covering accommodation, meals, attractions, fuel, and incidentals such as ferry tickets. 

J.D. currently offers four itineraries: Ride the West Coast, Ride the Rockies/Best of B.C., Ride the Maritimes, and Ride the Canadian Shield, which covers Ontario.

  • Each tour runs from nine to 11 days
  • All-inclusive prices offered for individuals or couples
  • Riders can bring their own bike or rent a Harley through Freedom Biker Tours

Riders can bring their own machine or rent one.

While each tour covers a lot of ground, Dubois emphasizes that the itineraries are designed to roll at a leisurely pace. 

“We’re doing anywhere from 250 to 400 kilometres a day, building in times for breaks, fuel stops, rest stops, lunch stops, photo opportunities, and attractions/excursions,” he says. “We’re not trying to kill anyone — this is not what we call in the biker world, ‘iron-butt riding.’”

Dubois developed the programs with a team of veteran bikers who know the terrain, as well as experienced planners who offered guidance on itinerary planning to ensure an ideal experience. He’s also working with marketers to help connect with local and international bikers and foster this community via the Freedom Biker Tours’ Facebook page and Instagram.

“There’s a lot of people out there who want to ride and relax — they want to meet people from other parts of the world and make friends while they’re riding their motorcycle,” says Dubois. “We’re blending traditional biker culture, values, and passion with the culture of the region we’re riding in.”

Kickstands up in summer 2023

Kickstands will be going up in the summer of 2023, when Freedom Biker Tours begins its inaugural season and they’ve already been getting strong interest both from within Canada and from riders in the U.S. and further afield.

“I’m getting both. On the Ride the Rockies, I have a lady from Merrit, B.C. that’s coming out. I’ve got a guy that wants to do Ride the Canadian Shield who lives in Toronto,” says Dubois. “But I’ve also got a buddy in Israel who brings a group from there and he and I are talking about partnering up for a program.”

Scenic views, historic cities, and delicious bbq await in Ontario

For those looking to explore Ontario, the Ride the Canadian Shield tour is ideal. Riders start by heading north out of the GTA, heading into Algonquin Provincial Park, immersing riders in the rugged scenery of the Canadian Shield. From there, the tour heads into the Ottawa River Valley and then into Quebec, and on to Ottawa for two nights. 

“Here is the tourism component for international people who have never been to that part of Canada,” says Dubois. “We’re going to visit Parliament, the Rideau Canal, the Canadian War Museum, the 200-year-old Byward Market. We’re gonna be tourists those days."

From there, the group rides along the Saint Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands Parkway, skimming across bridges and islands while enjoying the stunning scenery, before getting to Kingston and its Fort Henry National Historic Site and ending the night at Peterborough and a “real biker-oriented barbecue joint for dinner.”

From there, the tour heads to Niagara Falls and all its must-see attractions before wrapping up back in Toronto—complete with a visit to the CN Tower and more. 

Book your experience with Freedom Biker Tours today

The other three itineraries are similarly rich in sights, giving riders a deep sense of the region’s culture, history and stunning scenery—all with the sense of brotherhood and freedom that bikers crave. It’s an offering Dubois is confident will appeal to plenty of people looking for a kind of travel that lets them experience Canada without the barriers of a more traditional tour.

“In my thesis, I had a quote from an old biker where I asked him why he rides and he just said, ‘Duh — it’s the same reason a dog sticks his head out the car window,’” says Dubois. “You hear everything, you smell everything, the wind is blowing in your hair. You feel alive.”

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