The Wasaga Beach Rally: An Ontario Classic in the Making

21 photos from the recent Wasaga Beach Motorcycle Rally that epitomize what this up and coming biker event is all about. See anyone you know?

When you think of bikes and beach your mind might venture to the southern reaches of North America, Daytona Beach perhaps. What about Ontario, Canada? With the world’s longest fresh water beach at its doorstep and beachside parking for a few thousand bikes, Wasaga Beach seems like a perfect location. Plan it and they will come, and come they did. Now three years into history, the 2017 Wasaga Beach Bike Rally boasted a head count that surpassed 50,000. If you were lucky enough to have been on the beach on July 14-16 of this year, I hope the following images bring back memories. If you missed it, time to start planning for next year. 2018 Wasaga Beach Bike Rally: July 20-22

Come one come all, the bikes are rolling in, smiles all around.
Stake your spot, some come prepared for the long haul.
No vacancy, Wasaga Beach sold out. 
Saturday morning rise and shine.
Bikes rolling in all day.
The intoxicating smell of bike exhaust and sun tan lotion, only in Wasaga Beach. 
People watching from the bleachers, the best seat in the house.
Bikes, bikes, everywhere you look, bikes.
See and be seen, that’s what it’s all about.
Orange, the colour of the season.
Bling, bling and lots of it.
There is something for everybody to drool over.
This rider knows where the good times lie.
As the sun sets the party begins.
Oh yeah!
Every good party need some fireworks.
Good vibes and live tunes.
Volunteers and sponsors, a big thank you.
As the night sets in the lights go on.

Bikes, beach and bikinis, the Wasaga Beach Bike Rally has the formula to become a must attend event for motorcycle enthusiasts from near and far. Judging by the growing numbers of attendees over the past three years and all the smiling faces, there is little doubt that it’s bound to be a classic.

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