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Because many non-riders (and even a few riders who should know better) might associate the words "women" and "motorcycling" with cheesy images of never-ridden bikes and skimpy bikinis, it is not always easy for women to feel like they have a real stake in motorcycle culture. We are very pleased to present a series of portraits of just a few of the many Ontario women who are exploring their passion for the open road.

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The lure of adventure and the thrill of riding are universal and these women prove that you don’t need a Y chromosome to love the sport of motorcycling.


Karen DSC 1312

Project Manager

Why She Rides:

With 7 years of riding experience, Karen loves the feeling of freedom on the open road, the sun shining down on her and heading wherever the front wheel is pointing. She started because it was something that she had always wanted to do. Her favourite part of riding is experiencing all of her senses, especially her sense of smell. In fact, her first motorcycle ride as a passenger took her through Lemonville, just south of Stouffville, on a perfect summer's night where she specifically remembers the air smelling like lemons!

Karen DSC 1308

Karen’s advice for women interested in getting into motorcycling is simple: "Just do it. You don't have to be a tomboy, hooligan or big to be a rider. You just have to love it. Be your own you!"

Favourite Rides:
One of her favourite rides was a run from the Greater Toronto Area which included Southwood 13 up to Bala, up to Rosseau by way of Highway 7/632, then Highways 141/24/4/11 back to the GTA. 


Alex DSC 5724


Why She Rides:

When she was in her early 20’s, Alexandra accomplished what many have only thought about but never achieved—owning a motorcycle. Now 10 years later, she keeps two bikes: a custom painted Honda 1990 VTW250 “Pinky”, and a 2002 Suzuki SV650S.

Alex DSC 2756 edit

Her passion for motorcycling is not just the riding experience, but also the community. She loves getting together with like-minded people to recount stories of adventure, and especially of misadventure. To Alex, even spending a day riding on horribly straight roads, with the right people, can be the best day. On the experiential side, she thrives on the sense of adventure, being open to the elements (except the bees—she hates the bees), the scenery and the curves.

Favourite Rides:

Alexandra has been giving back to the community by volunteering with WROAR for 9 years, and also with Ride for Sight for several years. She encourages women to get into riding but says, don’t do it for anyone else but you. Alex has ridden most of the Top 30 Motorcycle Roads in Ontario within a days’ ride from the Greater Toronto area. While in town, she likes cruising along Lakeshore Boulevard for its relaxing pace and variety.

About Wobblycat

James Bai, aka Wobblycat, knows riding. Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, he traded in his office desk for handlebars in 2016 and is now location-independent, travelling on his motorcycle across North America, from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean and the roads (and off-roads) in between.

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