8 Breathtaking Views of Temagami's night sky

Known for old growth forests, pristine waterways, and some of the best paddling in the province of Ontario, Temagami's night sky views are awe-inspiring!

How many times have you looked up the night sky? Gazing up at its familiar constellations, glowing planets, the sometime-passerby such as a shooting star or a swiftly-moving satellite. If you're lucky, you might even catch the Northern Lights

While many of us live in cities where light pollution makes it a challenge to see all but the brightest of night sky objects, regions like Temagami in Northeastern Ontario offer visitors incomparable views of the night sky and all its wonders. 

Photographer @sdh_images knows this firsthand, which is why they decided to turn their lens upwards and try their hand at capturing those views. A researcher and self-proclaimed experimenter with a camera, @sdh_images has done a phenomenal job capturing some truly impressive views from docks around Temagami. With their permission, we've showcased some of our favourite captures below. 

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To try your own hand at astrophotography from the docks of Temagami, check out our list of accommodation providers in Temagami. 

Ice that's not ice - but still nice


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Due North from Ojibway Family Lodge

Smoke & Airglow Over Paul Island, Lake Temagami

The Milky Way Inspires

Canoe From Keewaydin - Looking South

Satellite Flare? It's Busy Up There


When I'm up in Canada I take a lot of pictures of the same thing because you never know what's going on up in the sky and the conditions are always changing. This milky way shot at @ojibwayfamilylodge was taken before the moon set and since I had my ISO cranked to 8000, the front of the lodge and the dock were glowing in the remaining moonlight. Right in the middle of the sky I think I caught one of the iridium satellite flares. Really busy up there. #canada #keewaydin . . . #landscape #longexposure #canoe #canon #canon6d #astrophotography #milkyway #night #igers #igdaily #friendsoftemagami #travel #travelgram #photo #photooftoday #photooftheday #photography #instagood #instagram #instapic #instadaily #picoftheday #agameoftones #travelpics #ig_captures #toronto #thankyoucanada

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Catching a glimpse of the northern lights

No Matter Your Angle, Temagami Offers Stargazing at its Finest


We may have selected some of our favourites, but the angles and perspectives of the night sky, as well as objects to photograph in it, are endless. Wondering how they do it or how to get into astrophotography? We've put together a beginner's guide to getting started right here!

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