Canada Day in Thunder Bay

One Day and Three Ways to Celebrate

The most anticipated day of 2017 is quickly approaching  Canada's 150th Birthday  better known in the social media world as #Canada150.

For those planning on celebrating in the Thunder Bay area, there are many different events for you to show your patriotic side at.

1. Fort William Historical Park

Step back into a time before Canada was Canada at Fort William Historical Park. Join the voyageurs, fur traders and residents of "Fort William" and participate in special Canada Day-themed activities, paddle an authentic birch bark canoe, try your hand at the games, enjoy a piece of Canada's birthday cake, and so much more.

The event at FWHP runs from 10 am to 5pm.

2. Westfort Village

Celebrate the occasion with a visit to one of Thunder Bay's historic neighbourhoods: Westfort. Try the delicious food sold at various vendors, enjoy the music on the stage, and have a blast with all the fun activites happening in the heart of the village.

The event in Westfort Village runs from 11 am- 5pm.

3. Prince Arthur's Landing/Marina Park

Festivities begin at the waterfront at 5 pm on July 1. Live music, great food, tons of activities and ultimately fireworks will entertain the masses at Marina Park.

Canada Day at the Waterfront runs from 5pm - 11pm.

Hit all 3!

Start at "The Fort," make your way to Westfort and finish up the night at the Waterfront  three times the Canada Day fun for everyone!!


If you can stick around for a few more days, The All-Canadian Thunder Bay Bluesfest runs July7-9 and features an amazing lineup of talented Canadian musicians, all playing the stage at the waterfront.

About Stephanie Reid

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Stephanie is a content creator and media specialist and has a true appreciation for Northern Ontario and all of its many offerings and attractions.

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