VIDEO: Where Does The World's Top Off-Road Star Ride In Canada?

Checkpoints, the spiritual successor to Fifty Years of Kicks, follows Graham Jarvis and four other riders, all at vastly different points in their career, as they ride together and talk about life on two wheels.

Five years ago, the documentary Fifty Years of Kicks hit the off-road scene like a ton of bricks, garnering hundreds of thousands of views since it's launch. The original film follows Larry Murray and Paul Rodden, two accomplished dirt riders who are still riding Ontario's dirt trails, long into their sixties and seventies. 

In the spiritual successor to that film, Checkpoints, Larry and Paul are back, but this time, they're riding with Graham Jarvis, the world's top off-road rider. Click here to view Checkpoints.

Colton Haaker and Jamie Baskerville join them, forming a group of riders who are at literally every possible point in there career - and where did they go for this momentus ride?

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trails in Mattawa, Ontario. And this isn't the first time that celebs have visited these trails - two years prior Mark Freeman and a set of YouTube all-stars took a fall ride on ATVs here.

Mattawa's Voyageur Trail System is an hidden gem of untouched Canadian wilderness in the heart of Northeastern Ontario. If these trails are good enough for Graham Jarvis, then why haven't you got you trail pass and booked your trip today?

Check out VisitMattawa.Travel to book accommodations - stay at Mattawa Adventure Camp or Mattawa Golf and Ski for easy access to the trails (and stay at the same place the crew did) or take your pick of a dozen hotels, motels, camps and lodges in the area.

While on the VMUTS trails, check out Birds Eye View and the Old Mica Mine, along with access to dozens of untouched lakes, rivers and streams. 

To discover Ontario on two wheels, visit OntarioTravel.Net or use the state-of-the-art trip planner with motorcyclist approved hotels and attractions at To follow their exact route, click here.

Checkpoints was originally conceived as a follow up to Fifty Years of Kicks  Larry and Paul riding the number of miles each year to match Paul's age. But as producer Dallas Shannon realized that international off-road star Graham Jarvis and Colton Haaker would be in Ontario at the same time, why not invite them, and new competitive rider Jamie Baskerville, along for the ride?

To capture the film, the crew spent a week riding the trails and visiting the sights in Mattawa, using Yamaha ATVs (thanks to Carlson's Sports) and highly specialized ATV trailers from Blackgear to transport the cinema equipment. They stay at the Mattawa Adventure Camp during the entire filming and shot in and around Mattawa Voyageur Country.

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