Top 10 Ways You Know You're an Ontario Biker

For better or worse, this is where we ride—and love every minute of it! How many of these describe you?

Ontario's 250,000 lakes, over 100,000 km of rivers, and rugged Canadian Shield combine to create a breathtaking landscape. The unique geological features of the Precambrian rock scattered across the landscape necessitate roads that are hilly and crooked, extending for long stretches between towns, i.e. the definition of fun motorcycle roads.

Ontario fully experiences all four seasons: riders ache with anticipation during the cold, and strive to take advantage of the riding weather during the warm months. To put it another way, we are obsessed with riding all summer, and obsess about riding all winter.

Top 10 Ways You Know You're a Biker in Ontario

10. You have pictures of your bike beside water, beside colourful autumn trees, beside a frozen lake, and beside you wearing more layers than the Michelin man.

9. You've ridden a snowmobile and a motorcycle on the same day

8. This has happened to you:

7. You've ridden for butter tarts


6. You take a break from riding to go swimming in a lake to cool down

5. You've been stuck in a Canada Goose or duck traffic jam

4. In winter, you sit on your bike and make motorcycle sounds with your mouth

3. You've been to Port Dover on Friday the 13th and know who Thong Man is

2. You see the sign "Home of Bobby Orr" and know you're about to score some great roads

1. All your rides start and stop at a Timmie's

But the biggest reason of all:

You've smiled because the big sky, rocky Canadian Shield and shimmering lakes feel like home!

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James Bai, aka Wobblycat, knows riding. Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, he traded in his office desk for handlebars in 2016 and is now location-independent, travelling on his motorcycle across North America, from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean and the roads (and off-roads) in between.

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